Discipleship means to grow spiritually to become like Christ in our life of faith. God’s grace enables us to be saved just as we are; but that same grace transforms us to grow into Christ-likeness.

However, no one can grow or mature alone. We are a community of believers, loving one another and serving together as empowered by the Holy Spirit.

The best place to grow together is in a Small Group, supported by appropriate discipleship courses organized by the church


What We Will Do 

  • Encourage participation in Small Groups (Care Groups, or in Organizations like the BB, MYF, MSF, MW) as a primary means of Care, Nurture and Discipleship
  • Provide a Christian Education Roadmap of courses and studies that can support our Knowledge and Practice of Faith
  • Empower members to serve according to their Spiritual Gifting


How You can Respond

  • Commit to be part of a Small Group
  • Look out for Courses and Workshops that can help deepen your faith
  • Ask about how you can serve in the local church email us at serve@penangtrinity.org


Signs of Growth

  • Growth in number of Small Groups through Multiplication, new Small Groups and sustained participation in these groups
  • Small Groups become a circles of Trust and Accountability within a group of committed and growing Christians
  • Small Groups serving together in community activities and outreach.¬†Members showing evidence of increasing fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit


Additional Reading: The M&E Roadmap, The CE Roadmap, “Why Small Groups“, “Spiritual Growth Assessment”.