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Our Heritage
The interest of The Methodist Church in social welfare springs from the gospel, and from the labours of John Wesley, who ministered to the physical, intellectual, and social needs of the people to whom he preached the gospel of personal redemption. In our historic position we have sought to follow Christ in bringing the whole of life, with its activities, possessions, and relationships, into conformity with the will of God. As Methodists we have an obligation to affrm our position on social, economic, political and environmental issues and challenges.

Our Theological Basis
The Methodist Church must view the perplexing times and problems which we face today in the light of the life and teachings of Jesus. Jesus taught us to love our neighbours and seek justice for them as well as for ourselves. To be silent or passive in the face of need, injustice, and exploitation is to deny him. We believe that God is Father of all peoples and races, that Jesus Christ is His Son, that all persons are created in the image of God and are of infnite worth.

We believe that “the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” Our own capacities and all we possess are gifts of the Creator, and should be held and used in stewardship to him.
We believe that God in Christ is seeking to redeem all persons and society from the consequences of sin. This redemption is a continuing necessity.

We believe that the grace of God in Christ is available for redemption from individual and social sin as we seek in penitence and obedience to do His holy will.

We believe that all persons have supreme value in the sight of God, and ought to be so regarded by us. We test all institutions and practices by God’s standard as in the Holy Scripture by their effect upon persons.

Since Jesus died for the redemption of all humanity, we believe we should live to help save humanity from sin and from every harmful or destructive infuence.

Our Social Principles
The following Social Principles are formulated as a response of The Methodist Church in Malaysia to human issues in the contemporary world. They are based on a biblical and theological foundation enriched by our Methodist tradition. The Social Principles call on all members of The Methodist Church to a prayerful response of faith and practice.

The categories of social principles are as follow:
• The Family and Marriage (†84)
• Christianity and The Economic Order (†85)
• Church and General Welfare (†86)
• Human Rights and Responsibilities (†87)
• Peace and World Order (†88)
• Political Life (†89)

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